welcome to lemos academy

welcome to lemos academy

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Lemos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy offers comprehensive training to everyone - no matter your skills, age group, gender, physical ability or fitness level. Through a family and friendly environment, our experienced trainers will guide you towards your goals, whether it is self-defence, weight loss, confidence growth or to be a world champion. Join us at Lemos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, find your best self and start living your best life.

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Not only self defense and antibullying benefits, but they also offer your children life skill learnings such as sense of team work, discipline, confidence and improve motor coordination through a playful environment.
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Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be a lot to take in at first. Intro classes will give you an overview on the martial art, closely showing the first drills and techniques you need to learn in a 6 people (maximum) class.
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It is an excellent starting point for beginners or those returning to training after a break. The program is suitable for anyone, regardless of age (14 or older), body type, or fitness level, and will help you improve your fitness, balance, and coordination.
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It is the combination of fundamental, intermediate and advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We will help you to evolve your techniques, fast your reflexes, get into more complex positions and intense drills
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No gi

Also known as Submission Grappling and takes the same approach as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but without the advantage (or disadvantage) of a uniform to grab on to.
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This class is designed to cater to the unique needs and goals of women, whether they are focused on self-defence, fitness, or competition.
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Best way to have better results in less time, at your own schedule, and through exclusive learning focused on your specific skill needs (available for both members and new prospects).
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For intermediate level members, our sessions will prepare you to represent the Alliance team in BJJ competitions. We will guide you through rigorous training, refining your techniques to help you meet all necessary criteria.
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what our members say

what our members say

DS SidhuDS Sidhu
08:30 17 Jul 22
Bruno and the team have created something special with this gym. All the aspects of this gym are 10/10 including the quality of teaching, the facilities, the cleanliness, the energy and the atmosphere but the best part of the gym is the community and the people. There are people at the gym at every skill level and everyone feels equally welcome and catered for. The gym has everyone from professional/competitive black belts to brand new white belts. Regardless of people's goals, skills or fitness levels; everyone feels like they belong and everyone is there to help each other to become better. The community at Lemos BJJ is the friendliest group of people you’ll ever come across and we’re all grateful for the community that Bruno and the team have created.
Alain HumbletAlain Humblet
03:44 17 Jul 22
I started my jiu-jitsu journey at this gym. With 0 experience in any martial arts prior, Bruno, Thais and the whole crew greeted me with open arms. I had tried a few gyms in the area, but the atmosphere at this one was different. Everyone was so laid back, non-judgmental and helpful. I don't think I would still be training if it wasn't for the wonderful people at this gym. Thank you guys for creating this family. See you on the mats soon. Oss!
Linda LiLinda Li
06:57 08 Jul 22
Best decision we have made for our son to be part of Lemos BJJ family! He has been going for over three and half years and loving every minute of it!! BJJ is part of our life. Jackson has learned so much from BJJ not just the skill sets but most importantly the life lessons such as how to discipline, respect others, how to control your strength and be resilient. Bruno has the best team and trainers there at Lemos BJJ!
Daniele ClarkeDaniele Clarke
06:54 08 Jul 22
Lemos is more than a BJJ academy. It is a welcoming community.The coaches teach more than BJJ techniques. They build character.Both my kids a boy and a girl love training at Lemos. The coaches are friendly and really know how to interact with kids, keep them engaged and motivated.Training at Lemos had positively transformed my kids mindset, confidence and self-belief.
Chris KusabsChris Kusabs
21:46 28 Aug 21
I have been training here for 7 years and am still learning new things every week. Bruno is an amazing coach. The club is so welcoming to everyone too and it has a great family atmosphere. Incredibly technical Jiujitsu gym.

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